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Other Offerings

Sponsor a Performance Workshop in Your Community!

The Dennis Johnson Performance Workshops for children age 8 to 18 can be produced in your community!

You can sponsor a Performance Workshop of this kind or one customized to the needs of your school, community, or organization.

Other Workshops we have to offer:

  • Tactically Applied Communication Techniques (TACT)
    TACT develops interpersonal communication and interaction skills through the creative use of expressive, observative and reflective techniques, games and presentational exercises.
  • Humor is Serious Business
    The use of humor in the workplace can increase productivity, cooperation between co-workers, and job satisfaction. Humor is explored through on-your-feet interpersonal games, role-playing exercises, and presentations.

Interactive Educational Theatre Programs for K-12

  • Christopher Columbus
  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West
  • Ben Jonson / William Shakespeare debates
  • Mystery and Imagination of Edgar Allan Poe
  • The Court of Queen Elizabeth
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Charles Dickens Holiday
  • Sky Forest Phantasy Folktales -- Stories, Comedy, Music & Pantomime

Personal Coaching

In addition to group Performance Workshops, Dennis C. Johnson is available for private coaching lessons.


shakespeare and ben jonson
Wm Shakespeare and Ben Jonson played by Duncan Inches (left) and Dennis Johnson (right)
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