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Tact for Kids

(Tactically Applied Communication Techniques)

a program for young people designed to enhance crucial interpersonal communication skills

created by 
Dennis C. Johnson & Brian J. Belge

TACT for Kids has evolved over a 35 year period with deep roots in hundreds of creative dramatics workshops, gifted and talented convocations, graduate workshops, interactive improvisational trainings, rehearsals and performances, recreational programs, conservatory theatre projects, educational tours, mo­tivational and team-building seminars, self-defense classes, and primary and secondary classroom experiences.

Since the 1990’s, TACT workshops have been created for both adults and young persons in a variety of fields including education, performing arts, law enforce­ment, business, politics, medicine, serv­ice and self-enhancement.

AIR kidsTACT for Kids

develops interpersonal communication and interaction skills through the creative use of expressive, observative and reflective techniques, games and presentational exercises.

Tactically Applied Communication Techniques for Kids is a program of interpersonal communication workshops especially designted for young persons, often presented in character.
Empowering voice, body and mind, TACT for Kids enables the development of constructive interaction, mutual awareness and a receptive self-confidence useful in many aspects of life.
TACT utilizes special techniques, interactive games, and synergetic exercises for the purpose of teaching: 
   managing impulses  
   problem solving
   emotion control
   corrective strategies
   changing aspects of self
   communication in difficult situations 
   elements of self-defense
   building self esteem

TACT is applicable in situations involving lack of discipline, aberrant behavior, bullying, self-deprecation, lack of respect, and intolerance.


"A memorable experience. Your workshops were inspirational . . . the students were totally immersed.  "
- Manchester Twp Middle School, NJ

"A phenomenal success! Your entire presentation was a delight for the students and for the adults present. It was indeed a memorable occasion for us all."
- Tucker High School, VA

"We found their workshops to be exciting, amusing, helpful, and highly professional. Both children and staff enjoyed themselves immensely and will long remember this happy and valuable learning experience."
- San Bernardino Montessori School, CA

"Our staff and students raved about the program."
- Woodland School, PA

"You have given the county’s students an educational experience which they will never forget. The feedback from the 21 participating school districts was not just positive, but glowing."
- OCG&T Convocation, NJ

"I speak for the teachers as well as the children when I say that the program was thoroughly delightful."
- Lake Arrowhead Elementary, CA
"Our students were all enthralled . . . they especially enjoyed the opportunity to participate in such an imaginative way."
- Boyce Elementary, VA

"The faculty and staff were unanimous in their enthusiastic approval of your presentation… your natural use of humor, your rapport with the students, including student participation and positive use of favorite pieces from literature were examples cited by the faculty members in their evaluation. "
- Toms Brook Elementary, VA


TACT Information

TACT Brochure (pdf)
TACT Mission Statement (pdf)

Our students were all enthralled . . . they especially enjoyed the opportunity to participate in such an imaginative way. - Boyce Elementary, VA

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